Bowser Ball 2 Game - Play Free

Here is an amazing Mario game wherein he and his brother Luigi are trapped in King Bowser's castle. And they are being shot. This time, your job is to make sure that your player won't be hit. One hit would cost you your only life and everything is over you. This entertaining game can be played by two players at once. Super Mario, the primary one, is controlled using the Arrow Keys.

Just press the correct keys to move Mario to the desired location on game screen. The Bowser Ball 2 has Luigi as the character for the second player. To move him, you only need to play with the Letters W, A, D, and S. The W is for moving Luigi Upwards, letter A moves him to Left, D to the Right and Letter S moves Super Mario downward.

The goal of the game is simple – you can't be hit by any of the Bowser balls that are being thrown at you from all directions. Doesn't sound really easy, huh? Well, it sure isn't. In every stage there will be different Bowser minions who look just like him positioned at the different corners and sides of the gaming board. Mario is actually at their mercy on each outing.

Mario has to take care of himself really well. The Bowser balls are deadly. If they hit you, you lose the game and would have to start over again. The balls can't hit Mario so he has to run as fast as he possibly can. The only problem is that there are simply too many balls to dodge from and only the skilled players will be able to ace this Super Mario game. So are you skilled enough?

Well, nobody can beat the Bowser than Mario. So he has to be ready for this kind of adventure. Accompany Mario in an action-packed game that you are sure to enjoy. Playing Bowser Ball 2, is very simple: the more balls you're able to dodge, means extra points for you. The number of balls thrown by King Bowser increases every level.

You might also get a higher punctuation in the more advanced stages of a game featuring the very famous Super Mario Bros. team. Here, you only have a single life to play. Once a ball hits you, the game is over. In the two-player mode, the game continues for the one who isn't hit yet. At the end of the game, players could submit their high scores for others to be seen.

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