Mario Invaders Game - Play Free

Here you will play a game of shooting in a Super Mario Bros. style. Mario is in the outer space, and he's up against many invaders. He has to destroy all them before they eliminate him and destroy the earth. Mario Invaders game shows him equipped with a laser gun. Shoot at all ships and dodge their bullets. When all of them are out, the place is cleared and you can go to the next one.

There's a swarm of enemies showing up on the skyline. Mario has to save the day by shooting at them directly overhead. This rather simple free game is perfect for all fans - kids and adults. With the simple goals and easy controls of the game, everybody can play it regardless of age or state of mind! Mario just has to aim his shots on all the blocks of enemies drifting above him.

The invaders coming are capable of giving Mario a shower of bullets in return so you need to be careful. Seek solace under the blocks and you won't be hit by the raging bullets. However, the enemies can eliminate these blocks. It's best that you float through the game screen faster than their bullets can hit you. At the end of three stages, you'll be rewarded.

The princess will appear and that indicates that you've cleared the game with flying colors. Good players can finish this game in just a few minutes. Control direction and laser weapon through the mouse of the Super Mario game. Move him by moving your mouse to the left or to the right. Click Left Button to open fire. You have to dodge all bullet falling down from space.

If you get shot, you lose a life. There are bricks on the battlefield of Super Mario Invaders game that could be used as a shield against bullets. However, they can only block one shot. After that, the bricks disappear. Play Mario Invaders game, a multi-level entertaining game that tests your skills and precision. The invaders are King Koopa's minions.

On the first stage, you play against the Goombas. On the second, you are challenging hard-shelled Turtles. These enemies need to be shot twice to be eliminated. The last stage of this shooting game of the classic Super Mario Bros. is where you'll face the evil King himself. Eliminate them all and you'll be reunited with the princess.

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