Mario Tetris 3 Game - Play Free

Here is a fun-filled free game of Mario for all maze and puzzle fans. It follows the same rules to play a classic Tetris game. There will be blocks of different shapes and patterns falling down. You have to lay them down on the lower part of PC monitor, fitting them together to form a straight line. Each one you make corresponds to a certain number of points.

If you know the simple and traditional Tetris, then you should be able to play this Super Mario online game very well. There's nothing different about it, other than fact that the blocks falling down are actually Mario's question mark blocks. Well, in this one they've got the exclamation points printed on them but the idea's fairly the same.

Get your building skills more than ready as you try to make as many lines as you possibly can. Pile up your score in the process and make sure that you get yourself victorious right here in Yoshi's Island. The Mario Tetris 3 online game can also be played by two persons; or by just one if you're alone.

Do get your gaming skills going. Now, you won't have to run or jump for playing this entertaining game. Only your acute mental skills are required. This Mario game online is the perfect pass time for all Mario fans who may not want to go through all the adventure stages that is very common in the majority of Super Mario games.

To control the game, you simply play using the Arrow Keys only. The Left and Right Keys moves the block to the desired position at the game screen. The Down Key accelerates the fall down of the blocks. The Up Key rotates them so that it would fit conveniently on the layout below. Mario Tetris 3 would be a game with multiple levels.

It's a Mario game that won't end until blocks reach the top of the screen and there are no new ones falling down. You can play changing the background and other options before starting. The game gets faster as you advance to the next level. As such, you should be quick on deciding where you'll place a block so as not to produce missing links.

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