Super Mario 63 Game - Play Free

If you are a Super Mario fan, you'll definitely love this one. This game of Mario has its own twists that you'll definite love. Here, you can read any sign. It's like a real role playing game wherein you're guided as what you should do next. Even if you don't know him at all, you'll still find your way. The instructions are all around the game area. Just stop by for reading those signs and you're good.

The controls, as in most Super Mario games, are the Arrow Keys, which will move Mario in different directions. Play with Right and Left to move him to the right and the left side of the screen. The Down Key allows him to go down the tunnel. The Up Key is for jumping. Super Mario 63 gives you a good dose of adventure and fun in the good old Mario Kingdom, of course.

Jump, slide, and glide your way to defeat the evil king and all of his minions. Let him get you into the addict playing mode with the game. Start your adventure now and save it for the days to come. If you can't complete your mission today, trust the game to store it for you so you're able to continue and finish when you're ready. The game is a very easy one because it comes with a tutorial.

But unlike any other Mario game, you can easily learn the necessary skills to play as you go along. All the keys to press and the combinations to use are right there on the screen, ready for you to use whenever you need it. The game quality is high and true blue Mario fans are sure going to like it. This Mario game also includes the use of some additional keys including Z, X, and C.

In this amazing Super Mario game, the letter Z is to read signs and talk to his friend on the game while the X makes him spin. The water pump is activated just by pressing C. One of the cool twists found in Super Mario 63 is his water pump. This new device allows the hero to float around the air. It can prevent him from falling down and also keeps him moving over air.

However, you have to keep some water inside the pump within usable levels. Otherwise, that weapon won't work anymore. But don't worry. There are bottled waters around all the game course to refill it. Swimming over the seas and lakes would also fill it up to the rim. Play this entertaining game online and for free!

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